Auditing a current vendor must be done with sensitivity. We don’t go into it expecting to find things “wrong” with the way administrative services are being provided. While your clients want to trust that their providers are doing their best, the final proof is still in the audit results. We can identify areas for change and improvement.

Insight offers an impartial, third-party look at how your vendors are measuring up. We know where to look and how to effectively message the findings as process improvement opportunities while taking you and your client out of the middle of having these difficult conversations.

Key components to a successful audit initiative include:

  • Performing an audit that is minimally intrusive but maximizes discoveries
  • Reporting of discoveries/deficiencies in a comprehensive way
  • Delivering a clear set of next steps: suggested language changes, policy/procedure updates and governance reporting

Our experience is in knowing where opportunities are most likely to exist. The result is process improvements that translate into future cost savings and avoiding potential compliance issues and penalties.