Plan Design decisions are at the foundation of being competitive in the employer market. You want to offer a benefits package that is not only comprehensive but also sustainable. A strategically designed self-funded plan achieves both. Whether you’re are moving from a fully insured plan to a self-funded plan with Insight or from another self-funded administrator to Insight, it is important to benchmark all aspects of a plan design to determine benefit relevance and compliance.

Key components to an ideal plan design include:

  • Industry-leading Care Management and Disease Management programs
  • Carve-out benefits for high dollar claims such as Dialysis and Transplants
  • Comprehensive pharmacy benefit programs for prescription costs
  • Offering high-tech radiology service alternatives
  • Incorporating best practice language for coordinating benefits
  • Incentivizing members with lower out-of-pocket costs when redirecting care
  • Introducing, monitoring and measuring wellness programs and resulting outcomes

We can help you design a benefits package — including medical, prescription and ancillary benefits — that encourages and supports cost-containment and long-term viability.