Intelligent underwriting and the right stop loss product is critical to ensuring effective cash flow and assets protection. Insight works to understand your short and long-term goals — are you focused on fixed costs, maximum claim exposure or some combination? Is employee engagement via wellness requirements an option? Will your cash flow better fit with a monthly budgeted amount or are spikes in claim costs easily absorbed? Insight performs internal discovery, identifies the financial goals for the organization, and shops the most competitive stop loss markets and related products to secure competitive pricing.

We have access to several carriers and stop loss products* and services including:

  • Traditional Stop Loss with Specific and Aggregate coverage or Specific only coverage
  • Level Funding coverage
  • Captive Stop Loss coverage
  • VEBA coverage

Our A+ rated stop loss partners canvas the right market for the best fit based on industry, demographics, logistics and other considerations.

*Voluntary/Mandatory individual underwriting applications are available on certain products.