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Howard Lancaster
[email protected] 616.588.5382
616.826.7205 mobile
Breanne Marsiglia
V.P., Operations and Data Integrity
[email protected] 616.588.5360
Brenda Brown
V.P., Client Services and Risk Management
[email protected] 616.588.5375
616.915.9598 mobile
Shelley Mitrzyk
Senior Account Manager
[email protected] 616.588.5376
269.303.1608 mobile
Linda Beyer
Account Manager
[email protected] 616.588.5380
616.822.1095 mobile
Maggie Balice
Operations Technical Lead
[email protected] 616.588.5366
Sales & Marketing
Quote Requests
[email protected]
Eligibility & COBRA [email protected] 877.827.1414
616.588.7908 direct fax
Short Term Disability Contact
For claim submissions and/or updates
[email protected] 877.827.1414
616.588.7915 direct fax
Flex & HRA Claim Submission [email protected] 616.588.7915 direct fax
Finance & Claim Funding [email protected] 616.588.7909 direct fax